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Precision crystals in the LT4 package - March 2014

The LT4 crystal is the smallest leaded package available from LapTech Precision.
It is the most popular choice for applications where small size and low weight are important. The wildlife telemetry industry has had great success with this crystal due to its low mass, good shock resistance and high stability.
This package also has potential to provide a solution to the precision oscillator manufacturer where the need to reduce size is challenged by limited crystal package options.
This can be achieved by using vacuum brazing technology to produce a very high quality vacuum in the package which is required to produce good AT, SC and IT Cut crystals.
This approach is important as the resistance weld process can introduce contaminants that are trapped inside after the seal is complete causing variations in aging performance. This can be more of a problem if the resistance weld is performed under vacuum as any weld flash becomes more mobile under these conditions.
The secondary vacuum braze seal used on the LT4-VB is a batch process that removes any weld contaminants at high temperature ensuring an optimum environment.
This sealing method has been used at LapTech Precision with great success to produce the 8mm x 8mm x 2mm SMP-8 surface mount crystal for several years.

The photo shows the relative size difference between the LT4 and the widely used UM1.
The crystal cover is gold plated to allow the use of high temperature solder in completely flux free process.
The lead pitch and diameter is conveniently identical to the UM1 and HC45/U allowing direct substitution without board layout changes.


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