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Lapping and polishing services: LPS

Precision lapping and polishing of materials including quartz, metals and alloys, correction of alumina plates, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide.

Since 1972 the company produced custom quartz resonators and the expertise gained from this process was extended to other materials and industrial requirements.

The experience gained in the lapping and polishing of quartz is now available to industry in general with processing of the smallest crystalline substrates to a wide range of metallic materials and parallel face correction.

Our facility can process very small thin sections to large items using single or double side processing. Our experience is primarily very flat and parallel quartz substrates for frequency control but also encompasses metal and ceramic processing to the same exacting tolerances.

Chucks designed to support silicon wafers during the polishing process eventually wear reducing the overall quality of the silicone wafers. Laptech Precision can recondition plates of Aluminium Oxide or Silicon Carbide using a propriety lapping technique, returning the plates clean and ready for use.


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